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Ayurvedic Body Constitution Quiz.
Organics. Do you know the difference
Say No To GE Apples
Are You Living Your Badass Life?
Are You Living Your Life Dreams? Do You Know Your Purpose?

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Ayurvedic Body Constitution Quiz.

OK Families. Here is the Dosha Quiz we spoke of on TNR the Evole Show with Monette. Learn your body type today.

Organics. Do you know the difference

Every time you walk into a grocery store, you have thousands of choices. Everyone has to eat and most consumers attempt to make good decisions in the face of colorful, happy packaging touting the latest improvements in taste, quality, and content.Unfortunately, in order to make those “improvements,” all sorts of chemical additives are included in the final product. Flavor enhancers like salt and sugar, preservatives to make them last longer in your pantry, and colorants to make them look better are a marketer’s dream and are hugely profitable for an industry that fights for consumer dollars.

Say No To GE Apples

Are You Living Your Badass Life?

Are you living a Badass Life?

Your life is your greatest work of art, and you alone are a badass! Where"wanting" can be done sitting home on the couch with a bowl ice cream and a magazine.  Deciding to create a badass life means jumping in all the way and doing whatever it takes. "JUMP IN".

Whatever big "roadblock" you're dealing with today will become a mere image in your rearview mirror if you do what it takes to grow. This means to change your way of thinking, (shift your perception, take risks, decide that you are the boss of you).

Are You Living Your Life Dreams? Do You Know Your Purpose?

My Mission To Help Heal Our Earth.
As a Holistic Health Practitioner, it is my life long purpose to support our planet earth and educate families of the importance of healing our bodies through clean chemical free food, herbs, and clean water sources. Every family can grow their own foods in any space. With that said, we need to be sure the healing community has a clear path to promote Urban Farms as well as funding opportunities to support our sustainable clean living lifestyle around the world. We need to begin this massive earth clean up mission to save mankind for generations to come.

Change Takes Courage as We Enter "2017"

So much is calling us to be Courageous and step forward into the New Year. There’s a yearning to untangle from the disharmony of the world, to awaken love, happiness, and peace. Like great river currents, there’s momentum drawing us toward the remembering of who we really are, the re-designing of our relationships, the re-creating of our lives personally and collectively on the planet.
Can you feel it?
Fears tend to get activated when we come face to face with change, even when we’re heading in the direction we really want to go.

Enjoying The Celebrations Of The Season

Happy December Everyone! 

Hi. My name is Debra of Healthy Empowered Living Solutions. During this Season of giving, I can`t help but focus my thoughts on what the true meaning of a gift could mean. Is it only a wrapped box under your tree? Is it all about spending your money on merchandise that will break or be forgotten about in just a few weeks? I say NO. What do you think a gift should be? Let me stimulate your thoughts for a moment. First, please know I consider all my family, friends, and clients a gift and I am so grateful to be a part of your lives.

Summertime Foods To Help Support & Heal Your Body.

Summer "2016". Its that time of year when all the fruits and vegetables of this Season are available and always best when the freshest. Our bodies respond best with foods that are clean and chemical free. This is especially true for raw foods. When ever possible practice S.O.U.L. (Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed, Local) for the most nutritional value to benefit your transforming body. It is also important to learn and understand your body type in Ayurveda (meaning the science of life). Your Ayurvedic body type, or constitution, is at the heart of Ayurveda’s approach to well-being.

Palm Bay Veterans Garden Coming Soon

Palm Bay Veteran Gardens Coming Soon

Happy Spring. This is such a great time of year for new beginnings when fresh creative ideas coming to life. I am so proud to be a business owner and resident of the City of Palm Bay Florida, where Sustainability, and Healthy Living is the theme and vision for all our citizens. 

I have been working hard to bring a new spirit to our cities creative program ideas and am so honored to be the driving force behind the Urban Farming Concept Project for our city. With the assistance of myself, and several other supportive Veteran & Agriculture Services in our state, (including Palm Bay Veterans Outreach Department and Healthy Empowered Living Solutions), we will help Palm Bay bring to life a sustainable model for healthier living today and beyond.

Crimes Against Humanity

Happy New Year All..Educate Yourself and Your Families in This New Year. Read This

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