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Debra began her life journey as the oldest of six children and learned early the meaning of nurturing. She grew up with a stressful strained relationship with her Mother, which later lead to a revealing of truth by her Grandmother that she had been a bastard child or the "Black Sheep Daughter" leading her to a greater understanding of her relationship with her Mother later in life. After a first failed marriage of 12 years, Debra entered a second relationship and marriage with her two young children by age 34.
Her second relationship began with verbal then physical abuse leading her to experience life lessons never seen before. By age 40, Debra decided she needed to take control of her life. At age 39 weighing 320 pounds her health was failing. Signs of high blood pressure, diabetes,and bouts of binge eating with depression lead her to get her health in order. After seeing a television commercial for beriatric by-pass weigh loss surgery in 1997, she scheduled a consultation, had the surgery and began to change her life.
Debra learned through good nutrition how to increase her health condition and she became transformed through healthier food through with positive lifestyle choices. She then began to work to improve her relationships with her husband, children, and family.

Debra discovered that healing begins with "Real Forgiveness" and it is here that she began her own self discoveries through an increased connection with the spirit world and Universe. By age fifty, Debra decided to search from within to continue her educational path wanting to give back and pay forward a legacy to leave to others.. 

After 3 years of college full time with only 12 credits away from entering RN Nursing school, Debra had a Spiritual Awakening and envisioned serving her community by sharing with others the recipe for Happiness through a balanced life of our mind, body, and spirit as one connection with the Universe or higher power.
Her outlook for success:

"True Happiness is now my life`s Leader"  Her successes are centered around Love, Caring, and an Understanding that "OUR TRUTHS" holds the recipe for Healing Our Life..

Debra opened her new Holistic Health Practice location in Brevard County Florida in 2015 and invites you to a consult to begin your transformation today! 
Coming Soon. In 2018 Healthy Empowered Living Solutions will be Sponsoring:
South Brevard Holistic Healing Center

Life/Spirit/Healing/Nutrition Coach
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